• Never used something like this
    Brainwave entrainment works for almost everyone. It is a great way to lead your mind into states that you might usually have difficulty reaching, allowing you to experience what those states feel like.
  • What is brainwave entrainment?
  • Is it safe?
    There are no major dangers to be concerned with unless you are: prone to seizures, under 16, epileptic or pregnant. Don’t overdo it; A minute light session is sufficient to begin. Everyone reacts differently, and you will need to determine your sensitivity before jumping in.
  • I've used it but not sure if it works
    Our free trial sessions don't guarantee results. Try it at least a week. Use different trial sessions. A tired brain, (heavy) drugs / medicine or alcohol can block the effects of our therapies.
  • My brain feels shaky
    The most common side-effect is simply feeling a little unusual for a while. If you happen to experience any unwanted effects, discontinue use, give it a few days, and you will return to normal.
  • How effective is the free version?
    The free version have in most cases positive effects but it is primarily made to give you a proof our technology works.
  • This really works
    Congratulations. Thank you for believing in us. We understand it could have been very difficult to find us and trust our therapies. Best wishes, The brainwaveX team
  • How is this possible?
    Our patented technology works completely different than all the other brainwave methods. They are based on frequency ranges (alpha, beta, theta etc..) while we, through years mapped the frequency addresses of the brain. Every part of the brain has it's own address to be able to communicate with each other. We posses those addresses. We stimulate only the key brain parts of the disorder and the brain does the rest.
  • How can we help?
    Keeping us informed about your experience will help our research progress. We are a small entity and would appreciate donations to expand our research to make our treatments and therapies better and also launch other remedy programs. At least, if you have great positive effects we request helping us by sharing our treatments through social media.

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