Great News! We are opening the affiliate feature of our store to all who would like to sell our therapies. Our commission percentage we offer for every sale is 25%. Affiliates must have a Gumroad account for payout purposes. To become our affiliate you need to create a Gumroad account from here and confirm your account (see settings in your account) after creating it. After this, send us your email address associated with your affiliate’s Gumroad account and the therapies you want to sell. After we have added you and the therapies you want to sell, you will receive a similar message like this which will explain the rest:
Once sales start rolling in, you will receive a sales notification email whenever a sale is made through your referral, Affiliates will be paid out every other Friday, just like Gumroad creators. Are you an affiliate looking for more information on Gumroad payouts? Learn more about getting paid here. Affiliates can log in to their Gumroad account and visit their Balance Dashboard ( to see how much they've earned in commission during each payout period. After a sale is made through an affiliate link, Gumroad takes its fee from the sale. This fee is 3.5% + $0.30 from the sale. For more info about Gumroad Affiliate Program visit:

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